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A t or around the beginning of time, the great void became filled with things. The earth cooled, and some stuff happened. Jaysin (aka Cartagia) was born, and then some more stuff happened. About a quarter of a century later, following copious contemplation, excessive amounts of Chinese take-out, and much gnashing of teeth, Whispers of the Fallen finally coalesced. And it was good.

These Whispers, you see, convey far more than trivial tidings on bated breath. These disembodied voices bestow messages and memories of times long forgotten, yet their power and profundity still lend us awe-inspiring wisdoms that quietly endure, unabated, throughout the ages.

The Fallen, who once walked among us and enjoyed the sweet breath of life, have transcended the confines of this physical universe to walk among the hallowed halls of the beyond. Though gone in body, their spirits linger endlessly, their whispers drifting softly in their stead. If only we would listen more astutely to those messages within.

Fast-forward to our current reality. Jaysin is an IT Engineer for a medium-size hotel management company. He likes to tinker with stuff and enjoys discovering the complexities of things through a rather unique interpretation of the trial-and-error method (mostly via error). He is currently involved in a serious long-term relationship with probably the only person in existence crazy enough to try to understand him. He has three terribly loving and beautiful cats who have yet to even attempt to understand him, but they love him very much all the same. Jaysin is fiercely loyal to the very small handful of individuals he names as friends, and he has been known to enjoy their company while indulging in plenty of tasty beer (Honey Brown, Corona, and Newcastle to name a few). He is all Type-A from 8:00 to 5:00, and about as far from that as you can get any other time.

Jaysin takes this guild (and its members) very seriously, and he spends a great deal of time each day to ensure it receives all of the attention and support it needs. Despite his notably enigmatic nature he is surprisingly down-to-earth and approachable. He also has plans to one day taking over the world, teach everyone how to coexist peacefully, and then take everbody out for ice cream.

He is a bit odd like that.

Level ?? (Elite)
The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism
Jaysin (Cartagia) can be reached by:

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