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Raiding Guidelines


What are the Fallen's goals for raiding?

The Fallen seeks to explore as much of World of Warcraft's endgame raid content as possible within a relaxed, supportive atmosphere that engenders camaraderie, selflessness, and teamwork. We seek to aid all members, not just a core group, in experiencing advanced content and bettering their characters.

How are raid destinations selected?

The guild's leadership and Raid Officers select raid destinations based on a number of criteria, including: number of active raiders, average gear level/composition, and current majority interests. Some raids are assembled to include strictly members, while others include a combination of Fallen members, groups from other guilds, and individual guests.

Whenever an invitation queue far exceeds the limit for 10-man mode of a particular raid, the officers may consider changing it to 25-man mode and supplementing the roster with friends and guests.

Who leads Fallen raids?

A team of veteran Raid Officers, headed by a Raid Leader, is responsible for scheduling, organizing, and leading raids. Raid Officers are selected from among the Fallen's most knowledgeable and experienced veterans, and each is empowered with all the tools necessary to plan, organize, and execute any raid.

What criteria are used to determine eligibility to raid?

The guild tends to avoid strictly relying on static metrics for determining eligibility to raid. Rather, a composite of gear, skill, and attentiveness indicates to us one's readiness to join the raid team. We expect our newest raiders to have successful experience at their role in various heroic dungeons and to have read-up on the destinations they plan to be raiding.

Raid Officers will allow beginning raiders to attend raids on a trial basis, in which their overall competency and statistics will be gauged. A trial raider's spot in the raid may be swapped for a more experienced raider, should the Raid Officers determine that the trial raider is in need of further preparation before permanently accompanying the team. Beginning raiders are also expected to continue to work toward upgrading their equipment outside of raiding.

How is the raiding schedule determined?

All raiders are required to use our custom Raid Availability module to keep the leaders informed of everyone's updated availability. This information is used to help the officers create weekly raid schedules, including starting and ending times. Raids end promptly at the designated time, unless a unanimous ready check indicates that this time should be extended.

The current week's raid schedule is always available at the left side of the main page, just below the main menu.

How are raid invitations managed?

The Raid Queue module is activated exactly 24 hours prior to a raid's start time. Raiders interested in attending the raid should queue-up and indicate their selected role(s), even if the number in queue already exceeds the raider limit for that destination. Raiders are also encouraged to include any special notes or comments that the leaders or other raiders should know about.

First priority for invitations always goes to the tanks and healers necessary for that raid; they are selected first, regardless of their position in queue. Proceeding invitations are issued in chronological order to all remaining members in the queue, until the raid has reached capacity.

Raiders should be online and ready (out of group, consumables purchased, etc.) 15 minutes before the scheduled raid start time. Invites will start at this time.

10 minutes before raid start time, we start looking for people to fill in for queued raiders who are not yet online.

5 minutes before raid start time, we fill the spots of anyone who is not online (with people farther down the queue, other online guildies, or pugs, in that order of precedence). At raid start time, we pull, if at all possible.

The guild understands that not all members will be able to attend every scheduled raid. Members who are not included in a particular raid are encouraged to maintain their place in queue, as an existing raider may need to depart early or may fail to return during a follow-up raid on a subsequent night. Members are also welcome to instead join another guild's run or a pick-up group for the same destination if they prefer.

What is expected of raiders?

All raiders are expected to be prepared for their raid invitation 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Being prepared means being fully stocked with reagents, potions, food buffs, and elixirs/flasks, having your gear repaired, and having the required items for particular fights (e.g., frost resist gear for Sapphiron).

Raid members are also expected to bring a positive and supportive attitude to the group. Mistakes and wipes are to be expected, and should be viewed as learning experiences. Polite constructive criticism is beneficial to the group and should be given and accepted gracefully.

How is loot distributed?

Standard dice rolls (1-100) are used to determine the recipient of loot that drops in our raids. Loot drops are announced by the Master Looter, one at a time, within Raid Warnings.

Each item is first offered to those who will use it in their main spec as an immediate upgrade (of native armor type) to that which they are currently using. When prompted to do so, interested parties send a simple /roll (1-100). The highest roll wins. Tied highest rolls will prompt a roll-off between those who tied.

If there are no interested parties to roll for their main spec, then rolls are offered to anyone for whom the item would be an upgrade for an alternate spec or as a downgraded armor type for one's main spec. The same rules for rolling apply as they would for main spec rolls.

Note: Off-spec rolls for gear that is of non-native armor type, but is however an upgrade for the roller's main spec, have priority over all other standard off-spec rolls.

Before rolling on any loot, a raider should consider whether the item to be looted is indeed an upgrade and also not of the same gear slot as any piece he/she has already won that same night. All Fallen raiders are expected to be gracious and courteous to their fellow raiders and understand that upgrades benefit the entire raid team.

If there are no rolls for main or alternate specs, then the item is either disenchanted (for bind-on-pickup items) or stored in the guild vault (for bind-on-equip items). All enchanting materials derived from items looted during raids are also deposited into the guild vault.

"Joke" rolling, rolling out of turn, and rolling on any item that is known not to be an upgrade, are strictly forbidden. Doing so after an initial warning may result in losing all loot eligibility for the remainder of the raid.

Are there any restrictions on how much loot a single raider can win?

No, but there may be a change in a raider's roll priority depending on the nature of his/her previous winnings on that same run.

Those who win two pieces of gear on main-spec rolls (against competitors) cannot win further main spec rolls in that same run if there is competition on those later rolls. This serves to keep one person from soaking up too much of the loot due to lucky rolls, which can feel unfair, while still making sure loot goes to people who can use it.

Example: If I've won two main-spec items already, and a third item that I can use drops, I still /roll when main spec rolls are announced. However, if anyone else main spec rolls, my roll is nullified. If no one else does, then I get the item, since it's better for it to go to someone who needs it, even if they have already gotten several items in the raid.

Main-spec rolls that have no competing rolls are not counted toward this limitation.

Updated: 10/21/10

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